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Company Profile

MyBMS was founded by a group of entrepreneurs with a profound vision of developing a versatile product that could be used as a management tool by different businesses. It is a privately funded enterprise growing rapidly with a bunch of early adopters that range from small and medium businesses to large corporate houses.

At MyBMS we strongly believe in simplicity, productivity and growth driven by advanced technology and domain expertise. The design and development of MyBMS product comprises years of technical expertise and global market study. We’ve identified the mainstays of a successful software solution roll out like – Planning, Evaluation, Deployment, Training, Support, Maintenance, Security and Software Updates, and ensure their smooth implementation.

Our team at MyBMS focuses on every aspect of the product for hassle free deployment and smooth operation. Mobile apps have made our lives effortless. Compared to web based applications that have some limitations, mobile applications are accessible by a larger number of devices. And holding on to this theory we have developed our mobile version of the application.

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Web /Windows

Dynamic dashboard for marketing and sales departments to manage their targets, leads, activities, performance and notifications.


Mobile version of the application allows customers to avail all the features of the organization with additional facilities like calling and emailing from the device itself.

About MyBMS

MyBMS stands for “My Business Management System”. It has been named after the product’s ability to serve different organizational needs. Ensuring an efficient execution of processes with increased productivity and less efforts.

MyBMS is a unique web based set of business tools, equipped to support organizations of all sizes from small and medium sized enterprises to large corporate houses. The product is available both as a mobile and web based application.

This modular product is developed on a secure technological platform with our proven implementation expertise.


Capture all your business information in a single scalable system
Automate and accelerate your end-to-end business processes
Real-time insights improve decision making and therefore customer satisfaction
Dedicated cloud computing gives you an strategic edge over competitors by improving performance and eliminating security & accessibility issues
Give employees on-the-go access to MyBMS with it’s mobile application