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Marketing Automation

Every Touch Matters

Enhance your marketing efforts with comprehensive reports that provide relevant information. The user specific design provides a clear understanding of customers requirements to create innovative marketing programs and measure their effectiveness.

Identify Customer Needs

Identifying your prospective customers was never this easy. With MyBMS’ reporting and analysis you can select the most appropriate approach for your business.

Increase Campaign ROI

MyBMS provides additional facilities like Email and SMS templates. It’s proficient editor enables effortless creation of professional templates for marketing campaigns. To access it you just need to bundle html files to necessary resources and upload them using the ‘Quick Template’ feature provided in the application. So you can run a beautiful and responsive campaign with no extra expenditure.

Email Campaigns

Simply emailing prospects doesn’t help, it is the effectiveness of your reach that holds importance. MyBMS provides you extensive information and analytic reports to help you track the effectiveness of campaigns. It will also display the number emails – delivered, in queue, read and bounced back.

SMS Campaigns

Organizing SMS campaigns with the help of MyBMS is a child’s play. You can create campaigns and the application executes them at the scheduled time. You can create and store pre-defined SMS templates in the application which can be attached to campaigns as and when required.

Birthday & Anniversary Reminders

We all know social greetings help you socialize better. And when you are running a business, timely greetings strengthen relations. You can store all the information related to your contacts including important dates and MyBMS will notify you about it in advance with timely reminders. You can use this feature and strengthen relations with both your employees and your customers.

Schedule It Your Way

You can schedule a campaign and move on with your tasks, the campaign execution will be handled by MyBMS.


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