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Mobile Sales Solution

Each Second Matters

You can sell from anywhere and stay connected with all your leads, opportunities, meeting schedules and other activity assignments with your MyBMS mobile application.

Sales people who are always on-the-go lead a hectic schedule and are constantly under pressure of meeting their deadlines. An application that allows them to perform most of their activities through their smartphone is a blessing.

Time Management

Employees often waste countless hours logging their activities manually. But with MyBMS you can take calls, send emails, set up tasks, document notes and do much more.

Real Time Update

At the end of every call the application provides a pop-up to log details of the call and hence the probability of not saving any activity information is thin. Such automated real time updates save time and increase efficiency.

Operate Anywhere

Access customer data and receive important updates on your smartphone. The application has a user friendly interface which makes it easy to operate for anyone.

Offline Synchronization

On installing the MyBMS mobile app all the activities performed using your phone are saved on the server. The offline sync feature allows you to save the data when no network is available and synchronize as your phone connects with a network.


Your customers can view updates related to your product and services by subscribing to your account. They can even place an order using the app.

Our enterprise mobility solutions are best-in-class.

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